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To join ARES you must complete our online registration form, this form is contained on a secure server and is located at ARRLLAX - ARES Registration.

This database is also used to record all training, drill participation, HAM gear and also as our custom "SMS Alerting Tool" so its important when registering to be sure and select the area in which you chose to support i.e. High Desert, Northeast, Northwest etc.

Also be sure and include the correct phone number and cell provider as the application relies on this data to send out activation messages. If you have any issues registering or simply have questions please e-mail Marcus KE6RHV and I'll walk you through the process.

If your already a member and simply need to update your data ARRLLAX - ARES Database.

We look forward to working with you and hope to see you soon.

ARES Antelope Valley High Desert District - Basic Requirements For Membership

In our area all active members are expected to complete required FEMA ICS courses (Free Online), participate in our weekly Nets, attend monthly meetings and train both with our supported agencies and during ad hoc ARES drills when possible. If you have any questions please contact Jon (n6nq@arrl.net) Assistant DEC or Larry Mock (larry93536@hotmail.com) DEC for the Antelope Valley Section of ARES for more information.

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For this site we simply strive to provide quality links and information centered around our services and promoting support of the community.

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